23 December 2012

reunion with nyoy

The Dubai Chapter of our high school batch got another chance to get together again last December 6...all because our very own batchmate Niño (aka Nyoy Volante) was in town for a show with the other Sessionistas. Unfortunately though, not everyone was able to make it. Sharon’s daughter was sick so she couldn’t come, Maan couldn’t make it as well, and Laarni was in the Philippines. Although we knew Nyoy would be coming, we didn’t know his itinerary; so except for buying tickets to the show, we didn’t know when we could have the mini-reunion. I received an SMS from him on the evening of the 5th and several messages later through FB, my batchmates and I agreed to meet up at the lobby of Asiana Hotel after the press conference on Thursday night.

Naturally, we just had to take pictures. And while waiting for Tonette, we each took photos with Aiza as well (her face is so smooth and clear!).

please ignore the salbabida around my waist
I still haven't lost all my pregnancy fats =)
When Tonette came (and after another round of picture-taking), she said that she wouldn’t be able to go with us because they were having a company dinner at La Mesa. But then makulit Nyoy said “Kung gusto mo, samahan kita dun at ipapaalam kita sa mga katrabaho mo” (or something to that effect). So while Hubby went to get Piper, up we went to the restaurant and Nyoy did what he said he would do...after Tonette’s colleagues, the other diners, and even the La Mesa staff had pictures with him, that is.
Since we had all had dinner before the meet-up, we decided to go to a coffee restaurant to just sit and relax and talk. Panini Restaurant in Grand Hyatt was where we ended up, which was a good choice because it had a relaxing ambience brought about by the indoor gardens in the hotel.

Being that it happened to be Hubby’s birthday, we ordered a slice of their strawberry cheesecake to celebrate his special day.
As expected, most of what we talked about was our high school life, our other batchmates, where they were, how they were doing, etc. We were amazed that Nyoy still remembered practically everyone in our batch, including the funny/weird/distinct things about them. He made good impressions of some of them too! We were able to squeeze some first-hand information from him about how he entered showbiz, his lovelife, and who his past celebrity girlfriends were (yes, it wasn’t just Nina and the Survivor girl). Finally, we decided to call it a night. Even though he said he was fine, we knew he was tired (still probably a bit jet-lagged) and needed to rest for the following night’s show. Of course, we didn’t leave the hotel yet without another round of picture-taking.

It took a while before we finally left and dropped him off at Asiana because there were other Pinoys in Grand Hyatt who noticed him and asked to take their pictures with him as well. We really liked that he didn’t mind at all, that he was all smiles and friendly, and even thanking the people who recognized him. It was good to know that he was still the down-to-earth Niño we all knew.

The following day was the Seasons of Love concert. Tonette and I brought each of our hubbies along and seated ourselves in the VIP area. Princess Velasco was first, then Nyoy, then Sitti Navarro, Duncan Ramos, and finally Aiza Seguerra.
Call us biased, but we really enjoyed Nyoy’s performance. His voice was really husky with his renditions of the various songs he sang. There was one old OPM song that’s considered really baduy (Kay Sarap ng May Minamahal), but when I heard him sing it, it sounded great! And to top it off, he greeted Tonette and her hubby Happy Anniversary because it was their special day the following day. There was a time in his performance where he helped a guy propose to his girlfriend, and during Duncan’s performance, another guy gave his special someone a bouquet of flowers for their anniversary; but there was a mix-up with the names of the 2 men, so it was funny and embarrassing (for them) at the same time...although, of course, I’m sure the ladies were absolutely thrilled.

I have to say, though, that what made the concert really entertaining was Aiza’s performance. She was amazing! Her voice, her strumming, everything! Totally cool and funny too...absolutely Aiza!

The entire show lasted for 4 hours (or was it more?). I didn’t mind that the air was really cold by the time it ended, or that I still had to wake up after a few hours because of work, because the show was really, totally, definitely super awesome!

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