12 July 2012

where art thou, my childhood favorites?

My previous post of Tim Tam biscuits made me remember the goodies I loved during my younger years. Living in PNG, most of the stuff there were imported from Australia and New Zealand, so I was fortunate to taste lots of yummy stuff. Of course, when the time came for me to study high school in the Philippines, those things were no longer easily in my reach; which I guess was a good thing because I was practically addicted to them. Unlike Tim Tam’s, when I came to Dubai, I never saw a single pack of those at all in any of the shops here…and the reason was the manufacturers just don’t make them anymore…or if they do, they’re just not the same as the goodness I remember. Of course I’m glad that I can enjoy some of the ones I liked (like Flake, Twirl, Crunchie, and Bounty), but here are just a few of the goodies I loved and miss so much:
Milo Chocolate Bar. The old one was a chocolate-covered bar filled with crumbs and full of powdery goodness. Now, it’s just plain Milo-flavored chocolate with bits of rice crispies. Tell me, where’s the fun in eating that?
Old Jamaica. I don’t like alcohol, and I just can’t bear chocolates with any kind of alcohol mixed in them; but this was the first and only chocolate that had rum which I liked. Looking back, I wonder why Papa would buy a bar for me when I asked and let me finish most of it? Why oh why don’t they make this anymore?!
Cherry Ripe. I think they still make this in Australia, but I don’t think they import them here. The only time I got to taste them again was when my sister visited the land down under a few years ago and brought packs of the mini-bars…of course I finished an entire pack by myself. So if any of my friends are visiting Australia, you know what to get me =)

Ooohhh…just a bite into those would bring me back to my childhood days when life was so much easier. Attention Nestle and Cadbury! Will you please give into a pregnant woman’s cravings just this once? =)

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