26 July 2012

mommy day: nursery reports

On the 28th of June, more than a week after Caila’s performance at their annual concert, my daughter and I headed to the school to get her report. I was expecting an ordinary paper or card that had comments about her and her development, so I was surprised when Teacher Arsenia gave me a folder with several pages containing, not only the degrees of things she was capable of doing (I'm proud to say that most of them were Outstanding), but also pictures of Caila during the class activities. Naturally, I was really happy and proud that both Teacher Arsenia and Teacher Marien were all praises for my little girl. She was the only Filipino in her class, and although she was shy, she was able to make friends and get along with her classmates because she could communicate with them in English very well. And they kept telling me that she was one of the smartest and a fast-learner, particularly in maths and numbers, the different seasons, and colors.
a few pages from her report
Aside from the report, I received the class picture (which was really cute, not like the ordinary class pictures that look so formal), a solo picture of Caila, and calendar with her solo picture. I was also given a bag full of the things my little girl had made and done in school: a small bucket made from a styrofoam cup she decorated, a painting, pictures she colored, activity sheets she answered, and so many others. Plus, there was a CD of candid pictures taken of Caila and a couple of video clips as well. I also received the DVD of the school's annual concert (this one we ordered).  It was like getting a goody-bag at the end of a party! It was really nice getting all these things because since the day she started nursery, there was only one time that she brought home something she made, and whenever Hubby and I would ask her what she did, she wouldn’t say much. At least now we have an idea, and we have stuff to keep as a remembrance of Caila’s nursery days.
the "butterflies" section
DVD and CD of memories
her works of art and school activities
 Of course, we couldn't leave without taking a photo of the student and her teachers...even though Caila wouldn't smile =)

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