14 August 2012

a new desktop after 6+ years

As soon as I completed 6 years with the company last May, I immediately informed our IT engineer that I wanted a new CPU/desktop. Although it was working fine at 6 years old, it was getting slow and I experienced some problems occasionally (although nothing that major that a simple restart couldn’t fix). And besides, compared to the employees from our Projects department, mine was already ancient. I thought for sure that since our department’s printer and scanner were connected to my computer, I would get a new desktop right away. But unfortunately, being from Admin, my request didn’t seem to be a priority, so I just had to make tiis.
Then 2 weeks ago on a Thursday (the last day of the week when so many things need to be done before the weekend), my computer decided to stop working. Without any warning whatsoever, it shut down while I was in the middle of typing an important document, and no matter how many restarts I did, it wouldn’t go back to the normal working screen. Fortunately, our IT engineer was available, so he gave me a temporary laptop to work on, set it up on my desk, and retrieved all my e-mail messages (it took him more than 2 hours to do all this), but the files that were saved on my computer would take a loooooooooong time to retrieve so whatever I had been working on earlier would have to be re-done. Bummer!

For 1 week, I had to work on that laptop, and everyone in my department (except me) had to use the printers outside our room and ask someone from Projects to scan their documents. I was asked if I wanted a laptop instead (brand new, of course), but I insisted that I would work better with a desktop because I needed several USB drives and a disc drive.

Finally last Thursday, my new HP Compaq 8200 Elite SFF PC was delivered.
I have absolutely no idea what the specifications are, but as long as it’s new (hahaha!), it works fast, and has all the latest programs I need, I’m ok…at least, for the next 4 or 5 years.

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