07 March 2012


For three consecutive nights (or mornings), I’ve been having really weird and filthy dreams.

In my first dream, I was in the bathroom to do a #2. Just as I was about to flush the toilet, I noticed that my wallet (which happened to be a men’s wallet) had fallen out of my pants pocket and was inside, floating in the yucky, brown mess. And because it was thick with bills sticking out, I bravely ignored my disgust and scooped it out. Gross, I know. While I was washing it, the wallet became a big ladies’ bag. And that’s where it ended.

My next dream also took place in the bathroom. This time, I was standing in front of our mirror with my top off, and I was getting ready to brush my teeth. Mind you, I rarely undress before brushing my teeth, even if I’ll be taking a shower right after. Anyway, when I looked at my reflection, I noticed I had a hole like a huge wound in the middle of my chest, between my breasts. It wasn’t bloody or anything, there was no laman-loob that I could see, and it didn’t look as if it went right through my body; but it had lots of liquid (kind of like the watery substance that comes out from blisters) that I poured out just by leaning forward. Gross again.

And finally, I dreamed that Hubby and I had been asked to be models or subjects of a photo-session. The photographer was an actress from the soap “The Bold and The Beautiful” (who she was, I don’t know, because I rarely watch the show). What made it weird was we were naked (from the waist up, like my previous dream), and we had to pose in very intimate ways...tipong pang-bold (movie) talaga! Nyaaks! I was really embarrassed and conscious the whole time.

I have absolutely no idea why I had these dreams, and being a graduate of AB Psychology, I’m really curious to know what they mean. All I know is they’re all weird and yucky. The first and second ones both occurred in the bathroom, and I was half-naked on the second and third dreams. Are they related or totally different from each other? Hmm...

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