30 January 2012

lazytown and california pizza kitchen

A few weeks ago, I read somewhere that there would be a LazyTown show in Mirdif City Centre from the 26th of January to the 4th of February. So, since Caila likes LazyTown and it was the 27th last Friday, Hubby and I decided to go to the mall in the evening and then have dinner there after the show. When we arrived at 6pm, there were a few kids already seated in front of the stage. Since parents weren’t allowed to stay in that area, we were fortunate to find a place directly behind the barrier, allowing us to have a good view. However, Caila wanted to sit with the other kids near the stage, so even though we were hesitant (she’s so small compared to the others), we allowed her with the condition that she would stay in one place.
sitting and waiting patiently
In the beginning, she was sitting behind a bigger kid (a boy). Then, she probably noticed that there was a small space beside a girl in the same row, because after some time, she shifted herself until she was sitting at the front row.
ang galing dumiskarte ng anak ko!

From time to time, she would glance behind her, probably making sure that her Daddy and I were standing where she left us, and we would wave at her to assure her that we were still there. As 6:30pm grew nearer, more parents with kids arrived...and the kids began to fidget while impatiently waiting for the show to begin. A while later, Caila had enough of the kids around her who kept standing and sitting and jumping around, that she stood up and made her way back to us. She said she’d rather watch the show while sitting on Daddy’s shoulders rather than up front with all the bigger kids, which was actually what we had wanted her to do in the first place.

Finally, Stephanie came out...and our daughter’s face lit up. She kept saying “Mommy, Fanie! Daddy, Fanie!” while pointing to the stage. She was really starstruck! And when Ziggy, Robbie Rotten and of course, Sportacus came out, she did the same thing...shouting out their names in glee!
the characters of LazyTown

The show really made her day, and when it ended, she kept saying “Thanks, Mom! I love it! I’m happy!” So sweet!

Right after LazyTown, we headed to California Pizza Kitchen. Although we’ve eaten there before, I was confused as to which pizza we liked so we had to ask the server which was better between Cheeseburger and California Club, to which he smilingly gave his recommendation. Anyway, here’s what we had:
refillable raspberry iced tea for hubby

melon shake for me

orange juice for Caila

cheeseburger pizza with bacon bits

chicken tenders (they’re actually spicy, but we requested them to make them regular)

fusilli alfredo pasta for Caila

As expected, the food was delicious! It was just enough for us. And, since it was the 27th, we opted to order dessert so that we could have cake to celebrate
a sweet "nosey-nosey" shot of my mag-ama while waiting for dessert
new york cheesecake

Since we had ordered a kid’s meal for Caila, the server brought us two toys to choose from. One was a beading set (or whatever you call it), so little girls can make their own jewelry by stringing colorful beads; and the other one (which we chose) was this:
And that’s how we celebrated the 27th of the first month of the year.

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