13 March 2012

went on a date…finally!

After so long, Hubby and I finally had the chance to spend some quality time for ourselves. You see, ever since December, he’s been working overtime (or to make it clear, O-TY) practically every day; and during the times that he gets to leave the office on time, we would both rather stay at home. Add this to the fact that since the start of my pregnancy, I’ve been too lazy to go out again once I get home from work; and I always felt guilty if I went home and then left again, leaving behind my daughter. Would you believe that we didn’t even go out last Valentine’s Day because he had to stay late at work, and I just didn’t feel like joining the rest of the couples on the roads and malls? Fortunately, Hubby’s workload began to ease last week, allowing him to leave the office earlier than the past months, which made us consider pushing through with our long overdue date.

We set our date for Thursday after work, and by 5:30pm, we were on our way to DFC. He had left the movie-picking to me, and since I just wanted to relax and enjoy the night without too much excitement, I chose The Vow. Plus, QT nga namin eh so I wanted to watch something to keep the mood. The show would start at 7:15pm, so we decided to have a quick bite at the food court’s Pizza Hut. I was already full after 2 slices and a piece of garlic toast, but when we entered the cinema area, Hubby was craving for nachos, and I couldn’t resist munching on a few pieces. By the time the movie started, we had almost finished the entire tray!

Anyway, the movie was nice. Of course it helped that Channing Tatum was good-looking, but the story was really good. Like many people who’ve watched the film, my favorite part was Paige and Leo’s exchange of vows during their wedding at the art gallery. The words were so simple, yet so meaningful. Then there was the scene where Leo was standing in the rain while Paige was in the caf√© opening the box he gave her because she was sick. And then the scene where Leo was crying while strumming his guitar in his studio. I can go on and on, but I won’t. Basta, it’s a really good movie.

So, to sum up the evening:
Me and Hubby + Pizza Hut + nachos and cheese + The Vow = Great Date Night!

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