16 July 2012

family weekend: back to the farm

The 17th of June was Father’s Day, and it also happened to be a national holiday here in the UAE. So prior to that day, our Unit Household decided to celebrate by having a long overdue fellowship. Since we had been telling them about what a nice place it was and they wanted to try something new, we all decided to go to The Farm.
We all ordered pretty much the same thing Hubby and I had during our first visit which was the full breakfast of bacon, eggs, sausages, toast, baked beans and tomato. I ordered a cup of hot chocolate while the others had the different juices that were being offered.  Everything was pretty much the same as before.
This time though, we were able to look around the Al Barari Nursery where there were lots of plants and flowers that were being grown and sold, including the olive trees that were several hundreds of years old.
We didn't stay too long there though, because it was getting really, really hot.  I’ll just have to remember to take Mama there during the winter season when she comes. She’ll definitely like the place since she has a green thumb and she loves plants and flowers.

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