18 December 2012

kfc national kids village

Hubby and I were recently given a higher responsibility in the community as KFC (Kids for Christ) Chapter Coordinators, just in time to take part in the National Kids Village which was held at Children’s City on the 1st of December.

The theme this year was “Move: By God, For God, With God,” and the venue was decorated to look like an airport. There was a Check-In area, Passport Control counter, luggage counter, and boarding gate just like a terminal. There was even a waiting area for the “chance passengers” (parents and siblings of the participants) so that they could see the live screening of the activity.

Naturally, the kits of the passengers (i.e. participants) were designed to fit the theme, so each had a passport and ticket/boarding pass. And of course everyone in the service team dressed up like flight attendants, pilots, and captains to comprise the KFC Airways crew.

There were lots of performances, workshops, and activities to make sure the passengers enjoyed their flight.  Of course, it was tiring for the crew, but seeing everyone have a good time was definitely worth all the late nights of planning and preparing.
an NKV kit


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