26 July 2012

mommy day: buffet lunch at anise & massage at spa intercontinental

After meeting with Caila’s teachers, we passed by the apartment to drop off all the things we received and headed to InterContinental Hotel in Dubai Festival City. I had received an invitation from one of our company’s suppliers to their Ladies’ Day which was a buffet lunch at Anise Restaurant, a skincare session, and massage at Spa InterContinental Festival City, and fortunately, they said I could bring my daughter along.

When we arrived at the restaurant, there were already a few people there (all ladies, of course). About 3 were from our supplier, and 2 were their customers. After chatting a bit while waiting for the others to arrive, we decided to get up and have lunch. It was my first time to eat at Anise, so I looked around first before taking my pick on what I wanted. Unlike the other buffet restaurants that I’ve tried, at Anise if you need something cooked, you just give the chef a card number of your table (each table has a stack of them) and he will arrange to deliver the food there once it’s done; no need to wait or go back, which gives you more time to go around and fill your plate. Caila had a small serving of carbonara (which she devoured) and I had a little bit of everything, except for the Peking Duck and California Maki which I couldn’t help but go back for second helpings of. Of course, the buffet wouldn’t be complete without dessert. While Caila was content with pieces of pink and white marshmallows, I enjoyed slices of white chocolate mousse, tarts, and crème brulee. Everything was delicious!

After we all had our fill, we headed to the hotel’s 4th floor for the skincare session and massage at Spa InterContinental. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough time left, so we had to skip the skincare session and go straight to the individual rooms to have each of our massages. My daughter didn’t want to stay in the lobby/reception area (and I wouldn’t want to leave her there either), so she went with me and obediently stayed in the room while watching me have my massage (they called it “Mother-to-be Massage”). It was sooooooo relaxing! As much as I wanted to sleep, I couldn’t, because although she wasn’t fidgety or making a fuss or anything, Caila kept talking to me and singing nursery rhymes. From time to time, she would ask “Are you ok, Mommy? Hindi sakit?” to which I would reply that I was fine and what the lady was doing to me didn’t hurt. So sweet!

The massage lasted around 45 minutes, after which I got into my clothes and the lady led me to a small room where I enjoyed a cup of tea (I forgot what kind) and some fruits before going out into the spa’s lobby/reception area where our hosts were waiting. Before leaving the hotel and parting ways, each of us were given packs of L’Occitane goodies (courtesy of our supplier) and Natura Bisse products (from Spa InterContinental).
What a great day!

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