17 July 2012

pregnancy update

I am now on my 30th week of pregnancy, which means that I’m into my 7th month and have approximately 2 months left before Baby Tummy pops out. Beginning the 28th week, check-ups should be done every 2 weeks; and because scheduling appointments with my OB needs to be done 1 month in advance to be able to get a slot, I made sure to book all my appointments way in advance until my 35th week.

My most recent check-up was last Saturday, and again the baby didn’t want to show itself. His/her back was turned back to us, just like in the previous appointments. Sheesh! It really wants to keep us in suspense! The good news is there’s a chance I can deliver normally this time. Although Baby Tummy’s position was horizontal, there’s still lots of time for him/her to turn to the normal position. At least it wasn’t totally vertical with the head up like my first pregnancy. That same day, I was required to have my blood drawn for my Hepatitis and HIV profile and I had to submit my urine sample again for another test. Thankfully, the results of the Hepatitis and HIV tests were negative, but since it showed that I was low in iron and my urine had bacteria, I have to see my OB tomorrow so that she can prescribe me some medicines or vitamins and I’ll need to submit another urine sample. Gastos na naman!

So I’m already in the last stretch, the final trimester…and boy, am I suffering! It’s as if the size of my tummy now is the same as when I was about to give birth when I was pregnant with Caila. And most probably the reason is because food is always within my reach. My daily breakfast is a bowl of milk with mixed cereals (Special K Berries, Cheerios, and Weetbix Chocolate Chip Minis), which I sometimes add slices of banana into; this I eat at home if I have time or as soon as I arrive at the office. After a couple of hours when I feel hungry, I take out a pack of biscuits, cereal bars, a sandwich I brought from home, raisins, or nuts. And then it’s lunch time and I eat again. In the afternoon, I don’t eat as much; I think this is the time when Baby Tummy is sleeping because I don’t feel it moving around that much until after I leave the office. But as soon as I get home, I head straight to the kitchen and look for anything I can eat.

As I’m growing bigger, it’s getting more and more difficult to figure out what to wear everyday. During the last period of my first pregnancy, it was ok for me to wear maternity pants and blouses because the weather was cool and my tummy wasn’t that big then. But now that it’s summer, I only want to wear loose clothes and light dresses (which I don’t have much of) and are either too expensive here in Dubai or the designs are just not my type. These are the times when I wish I could go home to the Philippines just to shop for nice and affordable clothes!

And then a few weeks ago, I started getting cramps on my legs. Not all the time though, just around once every week. But yesterday morning was the first time I woke up to cramps on my leg. It was so painful! Good thing Hubby was there to immediately rub the muscle and make it relax.

Ten more weeks of enduring all of this, and I’m sure there will be more I’ll have to bear as my due date nears.  Looking at it positively, I'll finally see the little one and hold him/her in my arms in ten weeks!

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