17 May 2012

the avengers

Saturday, 5 May 2012
Just me and Hubby, after dinner at Dome
Dubai Mall

If it weren’t for Chris Evans, I wouldn’t have agreed to watch. I already wasn’t in a good mood because I felt guilty leaving Caila at home while she was taking her afternoon nap. My mood became worse when, upon arriving at the ticketing counter, we found that the only seats available for the 6pm show was right at the front (which I absolutely didn’t want) and the next show was at 7:45pm with seats five rows from the front at the extreme right side! Feeling my mommy-guilt grow by the minute, I wished that Hubby would feel the same and just reschedule our date, but since he was so excited to watch it, I just stayed quiet and watched him buy our tickets for the 7:45pm show.  After that, since we had loads of time to waste, we ate at Dome before window-shopping around the mall.

Fortunately, it was a great film; and by the end of the movie, I found Iron Man funny, and The Hulk even funnier. Of course, Chris Evans was still gorgeous!

That doesn’t mean that it made me forget my mommy-guilt, though. By the time we got out of the mall, Hubby and I were rushing to get home...but our little girl was already asleep in bed.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m really glad my husband and I were able to go out together again, just the two of us. But of course, I guess being a mother will always give you feelings of guilt during instances like these.

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