19 September 2012

still working

Yesterday I had completed my 39th week of pregnancy, so in the afternoon, I left the office for my regular appointment with my OB...and to my colleagues’ and managers’ surprise, I turned up for work this morning. Even the managers in Japan were surprised to hear from me when I sent them an e-mail this morning, replying to their queries. Yup, I’m still pregnant, and still working. I had already filed my leave application a couple of weeks ago, stating my last day would be the 18th of September (yesterday), but after I took the day off last week for Caila’s first day of school, I decided that I’d rather work until my 40th week...because if I just stayed at home, I’d end up stuffing my face with food, sleeping, watching television, and just gaining more weight. Plus, I didn’t want to waste my maternity leave days just waiting (we’re only allowed 45 days as per the UAE Labour Law). Good thing my line manager and the company in general are lenient when it comes to these matters.

The thing is, aside from the occasional contractions I feel, I haven’t felt or experienced anything unusual to signal that I’ll be delivering anytime soon. And if you ask my colleagues, they’ll say that I don’t look like I’m on the last leg of my pregnancy, because I’m still my active self...just with a bigger tummy =)

However, I don’t want to strain my body too much, so I told my manager (and anyone else who asks) that unless I deliver earlier, my last day of work before I take my maternity leave will be next Monday, the 24th of September. By Tuesday, I’d have completed 40 weeks, and it would also be my due date. But I don’t want to give birth on that date, though, because that’s the birthday of one of my nieces and I want my baby to have her own birthday. I’d rather deliver on the 23rd...but if nothing happens on the 25th, I’ll ask my OB if it’s possible for me to be induced after 2 days so that my family can still continue our tradition of celebrating our anniversary and the children’s birthdays on the 27th of every month.

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