12 July 2012

the white goodness of tim tam

I love white chocolate! That’s why when we go grocery-shopping and I happen to come across biscuits or sweets that are covered in white chocolate, I just have to get a pack and put it in our trolley. But, as usual, I rarely open them right away. It would be several days or even weeks before I take a bite into whatever I bought. Naturally I make sure to check the expiry date if I do this. That’s delayed gratification for you. So anyway, that’s what happened when I saw this pack of Tim Tam White in Carrefour last month:
The original biscuits were a favorite during my childhood days in PNG. I remember my best-friend Michelle Kramer and I would often say “Pretty please with a Tim Tam on top” whenever we asked for something. They were so yummy! But when I had to move to the Philippines, I never saw a single pack of Tim Tam’s in any supermarket or mall (or if there were, they were too expensive so my parents never bought them). When I came to Dubai, lo and behold, Tim Tam’s were easily available! But since I was older and I knew that I had to watch what I was eating because diabetes runs in our blood, I didn’t eat them that often…to the point that I didn’t crave for them as much and I seldom bought them anymore.

But when I saw the new white package, I absolutely couldn’t resist reaching out for one…it’s Tim Tam and white! Then of course when we got home, I just put it aside along with our other groceries. It had been lying in our kitchen cupboard for a while already, and since I was looking for something to take to the office to snack on this morning, I decided to take it. When I bit into a piece, as I expected, it was absolutely delicious! Now the struggle is resisting the temptation to not finish everything off by myself. Anyone want some?

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