14 June 2012

posh weekend: jewelry set complete!

I can’t believe I forgot to blog about Hubby’s anniversary gift to me! Can I just blame it on the effects of pregnancy? Hehehe.

Anyway, I didn’t expect to receive a gift from him, so it was a complete surprise. It was during our stay at St. Regis when I was rummaging through his bag looking for something when I saw a small box. Because of the lighting, it looked like a Patchi box of chocolates so I pulled it out and asked him what it was. Before he could answer, I had already opened it and found this inside:
Hubby was disappointed because I had ruined his plans of giving it to me (he was planning to give it later), but well, it wasn’t my fault he didn’t hide it somewhere else. But even though I had found out about it unexpectedly, I was still overjoyed. Although I already had the ring, ear rings and bracelet, I never felt that I had to get a matching necklace and pendant to complete the set. Naturally, I showered him with hugs and kisses, which at least showed him how much I appreciated his gift, which I hoped lessened his disappointment.

Now, although he’s not the type who expects something in return, Father’s Day is coming up in a few days so I feel the need to get him something; especially considering the last gift I gave him was for Father’s Day last year. Hmm…think! think! think!

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