19 April 2012

lucky preggy

The other day, I received a personal and e-mail invitation from the Sales Manager of Sheraton Dubai Creek Hotel & Towers to their Starchoice Party. I had turned down the invitations I received from other hotels during the first trimester of my pregnancy, so I opted to attend this time; and since he said I could bring along a friend, I decided to bring Hubby (para date na rin namin).

The party took place last night at the Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort, and we arrived just as the rain had stopped and everyone had started going around to get their food from the vast buffet selection that surrounded The Lawns. We registered first, and dropped our business cards to join the raffle. While enjoying the delicious international food, the guests were entertained by live music performed by the band on stage. By 9:30pm, when everyone had had their fill, the host announced that they were starting the most awaited part of the evening: the raffling of the prizes. There were 30 of them (plus 1 grand prize), varying from spa treatments and dinners and brunches at their restaurants, to overnight stays at the Starwood hotels. They were really nice! As the different names were called and the prizes were given out, my hopes of winning were fading. One company had around 5 of its employees who won, and there were even a few whose names were called out twice! Good thing those winners had the courtesy to give others a chance. As the host announced that there were only 2 more prizes and the grand prize left, Hubby and I, and the other people at our table, were discussing that we all should have put in 2 business cards so that we had more chances of winning.

Suddenly, Hubby’s name was called out! He thought he was imagining it, but when I assured him it was him, he stood up and went to the front to claim prize #29, with a big smile on his face. And wonder of wonders, when the host announced the winner of prize #30, it was my name he called! Talk about lucky coincidence! We were really surprised, and all I could think while going to the front was “Ang swerte kong buntis! Ang galing mo, Baby Tummy! Thank you, Lord!

We didn’t pay any attention to who won the grand prize anymore (an all-expense paid trip for 2 to Mauritius, I think) because we were too busy opening our envelopes to find out exactly what we won. Hubby’s prize was a 3 days, 2 nights stay for 2 at Le Meridien in Jaipur, and mine was an overnight stay for 2 in a Suite at St. Regis in Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi. Both included breakfast.
What were our reactions when we read the vouchers? Ok, honestly, when we read “Jaipur, India” on Hubby’s voucher, we were disappointed. We’ve never been there and we have no plans whatsoever to visit the country. Add this to the fact that I don’t like Indian food (it’s just too spicy!). We were seriously considering whether to give it to any of our friends or colleagues as a gift or to sell it. As for my voucher, well, we reacted differently. This meant that we had somewhere to go to celebrate our anniversary next month! Hurray!!!!

We noticed that many people had already left almost as soon as the grand prize winner had been announced, but since I hadn’t tried the dessert yet, I sat down and had a few bites of the fruits and sweet pastries. After a few minutes, I remembered that I hadn’t seen the Sales Manager (who sent me the invitation) yet, so I gave him a call and he approached our table. He was also surprised that Hubby and I had each won prizes, and he assured us that whenever we wanted to use the vouchers, we should just inform him and he would arrange everything with the corresponding hotels. During our conversation, a lady happened to pass by, and he introduced her to us. It turns out that she’s a manager at St. Regis in Saadiyat Island, and apparently, that hotel is really luxurious. Wow!

This morning, I asked my Indian collagues about Jaipur, and they told me that it’s a top tourist spot in India (I really didn’t know that!), and when I asked about the Le Meridien hotel there, they said that it’s one of the best of the classy hotels. And now, after telling Hubby about what I just heard, he said to keep it for the meantime because “Sayang naman, baka pwede natin gamitin. Pag-usapan natin kung kaya.

Well, we’ll see. Basta I’m really happy that we won because I almost never win raffle prizes. And remember, there were two, not just one. Maybe there really is some truth in the belief that pregnant women are lucky =)

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