15 August 2012

dry nights

Our daughter no longer needs to sleep with diapers! Hooray!!!

Caila can already sleep in the afternoons without any accidents, and she easily adjusted when we began sending her to nursery without nappies, so I figured that she would be ready for diaper-free nights. We started more than 2 weeks ago making sure that every night before going to bed, she didn’t drink too much and she’d go to the bathroom first. And to help encourage her to achieve the goal, we told her that every night she didn’t wet the bed, I’d prepare whatever sweets she wanted (which were either gulaman/jelly or brownies).

Amazingly, the first night was a success, but the second night wasn’t; the third night was dry, the next was wet…well, you get the picture. During the wet nights, Hubby and I would have to wake up and change our daughter’s clothes, which would sometimes wake her up in the process and she would cry for having her peaceful slumber interrupted. Oh well.

But for the past week, we’ve enjoyed seven straight dry nights! I'm so proud…and relieved…because this means that our diaper expenses won’t be as big as we feared when Baby Tummy comes out.  Whew!

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