23 January 2012

conflict in schedule

I was a flower girl so many times when I was younger, a bridesmaid once (for my cousin’s wedding), a secondary sponsor once (for my brother’s wedding), and of course a bride at my own wedding. The only wedding roles I hadn’t experienced were Maid/Matron of Honor and Principal Sponsor...although for the latter, I don’t expect to be asked to be one until after at least a decade.

Late last year, Mitch (one of my former SFC members) asked me if I could be her Matron of Honor at her and her fiancĂ©’s (who happens to be Hubby’s former SFC member) wedding which will be held this coming June. Of course I immediately said yes. Who wouldn’t, right? It’s such an honor to be considered! And it would be my first time too! Just last month she sent me the sketch of the MOH gown design and it was really beautiful and elegant...and to top it off, it’s red. RED!!! She also told me that since the wedding is going to be held at the outskirts of Metro Manila, my and my family’s accommodation would be taken cared of by them. I was really, really excited and so looking forward to be part of her special day. But then, some reasons forced me to resign from my role as MOH.

One reason is the last day of the term of the nursery where Caila will be going to might fall during the week of the wedding. I don’t think there would be any problems though if she didn’t complete the term (it’s just nursery, anyway), but still...

Then when I recently spoke to my eldest brother who lives in Papua New Guinea, he told me that he and his family will be going to the Philippines sometime between late July and mid-August before they finally migrate to Canada...and if we don’t see each other this year, we’ll have to wait 5 years until we see each other again. To think the last time I actually saw them was back in 2008 when they went home for my wedding!

And the last reason, well, I might not even be able to travel at all during that period!

It’s a good thing there were supposed to be two of us MOH’s, so Mitch doesn’t have to stress herself too much about looking for my replacement. But what really bums me out is the fact that I might not be able to see my Kuya, his wife, and my two nieces for a long, long time if I can’t go home this year. Augh!


  1. Ate Pam, sometimes God works in mysterious ways =) We may not have it all at the same time, but a greater blessing is on its way ^_^

    1. Thanks for understanding, Mitch. You know naman how much I really want to be part of your special day. Mwah!


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