06 May 2012

job secured

It’s no secret that although Dubai is reviving, there are still some companies out there that are forced to terminate employees’ contracts or delay giving the staffs’ salaries for several months. And although the company I’m working for has somehow managed in spite of the crisis since 2008, my colleagues and I were worried that if we don’t get a project soon, we might not be as safe as we hoped we were.

Since last year, we’ve been praying that the tender we participated in would be awarded to us. Unfortunately, the submission deadline was always postponed, and the announcement of which company would get the project was also delayed. Some colleagues heard through the grapevine that the decision was leaning in favor to our company, but until we received the written confirmation, we wouldn’t know for sure. Just a few hours ago, we heard that the awarding would be in July! And since the energization of our last project had been done last November, most of the staff were just waiting for the next project. Many of them were already getting ready for the worst, and you could practically see in everyone’s faces how anxious we were.

But unexpectedly, we received the confirmation this afternoon…and surprise! surprise! We got the project! As soon as word got out, everyone here at the office congratulated each other, because that means we're safe (job-wise) for at least 2 more years! Hurray! We’re all so relieved. Of course, at the back of our minds, we're hoping that our bosses will consider giving us a bonus or at least a much higher increase in our salaries next year because of this. Either way, I’m just thankful I’ve still got a job…and a regular-paying one at that.

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