28 November 2012

bentoya date

Usually when it’s the 27th of the month, we all go out to celebrate with dinner in a restaurant. That’s Hubby, me, Caila, Sophie, Mama, and sometimes Ate Cel. But last night, after a looooong time, Hubby and I finally went out on a date...just the two of us...on our monthsary.

After work, we went to Immigration to process Sophie’s UAE residence visa, and since it was still pretty early, we decided to have dinner out instead. It wasn’t anywhere posh...just a quick bite at Bentoya along Garhoud. We ordered their Crunchy California Maki, Beef Katsu Bento, and Grilled Karubi Bento. For drinks, I tried the Bentoya Lemonade while Hubby just ordered a Coke.
my date with our Crunchy California Maki and Bentoya Lemonade
Hubby's order of Beef Katsu Bento
my Grilled Karubi Bento
And since I love Japanese food, and Bentoya has a pretty good reputation among Japanese here in Dubai, my palate and stomach were very satisfied. The food and drinks were delicious, the restaurant wasn’t crowded because we had an area all to ourselves, and the staff were nice and attentive.  Either that, or I simply enjoyed my date =)


  1. We love Bentoya Garhoud! Now I am hungry! :)

  2. Japanese food is the best! Aside from homemade mother's cooking, of course :)


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