28 May 2012

tasting my first grapple

I’ve never heard of this particular fruit, so of course I never even knew it existed. That is, until we went to Spinneys and saw several packs of it in the fresh produce section.
I admit that it intrigued me. Who wouldn’t? According to the label, it crunches likes an apple but tastes like a grape…that’s like two in one. So I took a pack and placed it in the trolley.

At home, I couldn’t wait to try it so I opened the pack, took out a piece, washed it, and…smelled it. Hahaha. I just had to know whether it smelled like an apple or a grape, that’s all. So anyway, it smelled nice, exactly like a grape. And when I bit into it, it was crunchy like a Fuji apple, and actually tasted like a grape. It was a bit weird, but a pretty good kind of weird. I brought one yesterday to the office and shared some slices with my usual lunch-break colleagues, and they found it interesting but delicious. I told them to smell it first, and one of them actually thought that I had sprayed perfume on it!

Even though it’s tasty, I don’t think I’ll be buying it on a regular basis, though. It’s a bit pricey, and it’s not as if it’s amazingly delicious. So until I have an uncontrollable craving for the Grapple, I’ll just settle on buying ordinary apples and grapes separately.

Oh, by the way, it’s pronounced GRAYP-L (not GRA-PEL, which is what I originally thought).

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