22 December 2012

my end-of-the-world day

So the supposed day of the end of the world came...and went. Honestly, a part of me thought it would, while the other part of me thought otherwise. That’s why throughout the entire day yesterday, I wanted to make sure that I was with the people I love, my family; so that just in case anything happened, we were spending our final moments together.

We did, except when Hubby and I had to take Caila to the hospital again because she still had fever. Actually, it’s been on and off for the past 2 weeks. The last time we went to her paediatrician was just last Tuesday night. If the doctor didn’t request to have her x-ray and blood and urine samples taken yesterday, I would have suggested it myself because she just wasn’t getting better. Anyway, based on the results, she had a mycoplasma infection, which is like pneumonia...and which is why the antibiotic that had been prescribed to her earlier hadn't been working. Hopefully, the new medicine that the doctor gave will treat the infection right away.

I was really getting worried yesterday. I thought Caila’s condition was a sign of the end of the world. Earlier on when we were going back home from a friend’s house, Hubby said that he was getting sleepy. Of course, this added to my worries; what if he was just too sleepy and we got into a car accident?  All I could do was pray and turn the volume of the radio up high to waken his senses. Fortunately, nothing happened and we arrived home safely.

The world didn’t end yesterday, contrary to what lots of people thought. And all I can say is...Thank you, God!

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