14 February 2012

shining, shimmering, splendid

Remember this? Well, when Hubby read it, he just snickered (snorted, actually) as if to say “Yeah right! You wish!” Honestly, I was a bit disappointed, but I could understand. The time I posted that was the same period of our apartment’s renewal...and Ate Cel’s visa renewal was coming up...AND we were going to enroll Caila in Nursery and Kindergarten...PLUS some family members in the Philippines were sick and eventually hospitalized. So naturally, we just had to put all these other payments and priorities first.

Fast forward a bit to Christmas Eve. We rarely give gifts to each other for Christmas, and last year was no exception. Almost all of the gifts under our tree were for our little girl. That evening, as soon as we were in bed, Hubby got up and went to get something from his closet, and coming towards me, he handed me a red box while saying “Merry Christmas, Mahal!” And when I opened it, I saw a bracelet that matched my earrings and our wedding ring! I was happy of course (who wouldn’t be?), but I was a bit embarrassed (because of our expenses and because I didn't get him anything), but he assured me that he had ordered this waaaaaaaaaaay before my post. It was supposed to be an anniversary gift, but it wasn’t ready in time, so he decided to give it to me for Christmas instead. Yaaaaaaay!!!

Unfortunately it was a bit short (super sagad to the wrist), and a few days after I wore it, I noticed that a part of it had broken (probably because the chain was thin), so he took it back to Bhansali where they fixed it and made it a bit longer. However, when I put it on my wrist, I noticed that another part had been damaged (as if it was melted or something), so we returned it again. After a few days, they told us that it was beyond repair and the only other option was to change the entire chain...so we went back, and Hubby and I selected a thicker and much nicer chain. And finally, I now have a bracelet to complete my set...just in time for Valentine’s Day! Am I a lucky wife or what?!
my shining, shimmering, splendid bracelet

Thank you, Mahal for my Christmas/Valentine’s Gift! I love you sobra!

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