10 July 2012

caila's first on-stage performance

Since I haven’t been blogging for the past few weeks, please bear with me if my posts aren’t exactly in order date-wise. I still have to recall the details and draft them out, so some of them may be pretty out-dated.

In the meantime, I would just like to share with you a video clip I took of my daughter's (and her schoolmates’) first on-stage performance during their nursery school’s annual concert last 19th of June. Honestly, I didn’t really expect much. She’s pretty shy (except when in the company of family and really close friends), so when I saw her dancing and really giving her all in the actions (bending down really low during the entrance and exit, and swinging her arms during the “I dreamt I held you in my arms” part) I couldn’t help my tears from falling. She was soooo cute! And she had memorized all the steps/actions too! I was really, really proud of my daughter that day. And when her teacher told me that Caila had been given only 4 days to practice, you can bet I was even more proud and amazed.

Haaaay! Parang kailan lang she was just a baby that I held in my arms…and now, she’s dancing in front of an audience to a song with those lines =)

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