13 March 2012

plastic on shoe soles

Have you ever noticed that, while trying on shoes in the shops or wearing a new pair, you tend to slip or slide? And do you know why? If you know, well, good for you. Because it was only last night when I found out that it’s because the soles usually have clear plastic at the bottom. Seriously, I didn’t know!

Just a short background…since I found out I was pregnant, I’ve been trying to avoid wearing heels. Unfortunately, the only flats I have that are suitable for the office are a brown suede/cloth-like pair and a black Crocs pair (which aren’t really pang-opisina, but acceptable nonetheless). So during the times that I have meetings or interviews and I have to dress up a bit, I have to wear my heels (which I keep under my desk). Last night though, I had to buy a new pair because our company is taking part in the WETEX (Water, Energy, Technology and Environment Exhibition), and I’ll be spending some time at our stand. Of course it wouldn’t be proper to wear the flats that I already have, and I cannot wear heels for 4 straight hours, so I just had to buy a pair of decent black flats.

Another background (I’ll try to make it shorter)…I rarely buy shoes in Dubai because I can never find a pair that I like, or the ones that I like are too expensive. So I usually just wait until my vacation in the Philippines to buy whatever shoes I need. I never really noticed if the shoes back home have these plastics (because hindi naman ako nadudulas pag tina-try ko sila), which is most probably why it was only last night that I made the shoe sole plastic discovery.

Anyway, good thing the saleslady pointed out the plastic to me (and helped me remove it from the soles), otherwise I wouldn’t have bought the black flats, and I’d have had to suffer wearing heels for at least 4 hours today.

And that, my friends, was something new I learned last night =)

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