16 July 2012

i have 2 holes, the left and the right

My residence visa is about to expire so I had to go with our PRO to Al Baraha Hospital this morning for my medical as part of the renewal requirements. After the usual payment and paper processing, the doctor who was doing the verifying put a stamp on my paper and told me to proceed to Room 5 where I just needed to have my blood drawn. At Room 5, the man at the Reception told me to go to the last room on the left where two ladies were drawing the blood from the female applicants, and fortunately I didn’t have to wait. Unfortunately though, when the lady stuck the needle in my left arm, something went wrong; she said either my vein was too small or the needle was too big (whaaaattttt?!?!?!?!) because she got just a few drops of blood. So she told me to give her my right arm (which I did), and fortunately, this time she easily located the vein and got the blood.

Haaaaaay!!!! I’m not sure if the problem is with me or with the people getting my blood, because I remember when I had my first medical test in Jebel Ali back in 2004, the guy taking my blood had to try 2 times. Then on the first renewal of my visa with my current company in 2009, the same thing happened. And if you recall, the person who drew my blood for my GTT also had a difficult time. And now this! Add this to the fact that I had to have my blood taken just last Saturday after my OB appointment for another test. Augh!

Anong akala nila sa akin...pin-cushion na pwede nilang tusuk-tusukin at hindi nasasaktan?!

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