26 April 2012

spying on our little pussycat

Caila was suffering from colds and tonsillitis the past few days, which resulted to fever, so she hadn’t been able to go to nursery from Monday to Wednesday. It was only this morning that she was better; and just in time too, because today was their school’s Animal Parade. According to the note, parents were requested to send their kids to school in an animal costume or with their faces painted or wearing an animal headband…basta, anything animal-related. Since it was just a one-time activity, Hubby and I decided to resist the temptation to buy an animal costume for our girl and make-do with whatever we had at home. So I searched the internet and settled on following the very easy steps of using eyeliner, a black headband, black and white paper (cut out from a used paper bag), and glue to make our daughter into…
our little pussycat

It was a good thing that the first headband of ears I made was just a practice one because she wore it practically every day until the ears wouldn’t stand up anymore. I made sure the one I made last night wouldn’t be used until this morning to keep it from getting damaged.

Before going to work today, I passed by the nursery to give the note I’d written for Caila’s teacher explaining why she had been absent, and as I stepped out of the building, I saw her school bus approaching and her little head (with the cat ears) looking out the window. So I walked to the side of a parked car making sure that she wouldn’t see me, and spied on them. The bus assistant went down first carrying all the children’s bags, then one by one, she went back into the bus to help each of the kids get out. As the kids got down from the bus, they claimed their bags from the pile and waited for the others. Finally, they entered the building to the nursery to start the day.

I know it’s such a simple thing, but I was just proud of my daughter that at her age, she could easily follow and obey instructions. Sure, she’s been doing it for around 2 weeks now, but…I don’t know…I was just proud. It may be because it was my first time to see how she acts alone with strangers, without me or her Daddy or her nanny. It was a big difference compared to her first day, when she cried so loudly that my heart broke to leave her. She really is growing up (sigh!). And I also really appreciate the bus assistant for patiently doing whatever she does to take care of the kids every day. I don’t think there were any rowdy kids, but still, she has a big responsibility making sure the kids she’s assigned to are safe.

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