11 July 2012

your children are one-half of you

A few days ago, I saw this being shared by many of our friends in FB and I knew I just had to post it here.  Don't worry, Hubby and I aren't going through a rough patch (we rarely fight), but I want this to serve as a reminder to us and to all the parents out there to think and stop themselves before saying anything negative about their partners that will hurt their children.
I remember several years ago when Papa did some things that hurt Mama really badly (not physically, but emotionally).  I often heard them fight when they were in their room...but it always ended there.  They never bad-mouthed each other in front of me and my siblings (well, except for some small teasing and jokes probably that were half-meant), but not to the point that they said anything that would destroy our respect for them.  Mama always did her best to protect us and his image, and showed us that in spite of everything, she loved him by continuing to be the best wife she could be. 

Which is why, even though we somehow knew what Papa had done, we still love him and appreciate everything he did.  And as inscribed on his grave: "You taught us true love by teaching us the meaning of sacrifice.  You are indeed a great mentor.  We love you, Papa."

Thank you for being our angel in heaven for the past 9 years!  We miss you so much, Papa!

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