18 April 2012

cheesecake craving

I’ve been craving for New York cheesecake for several weeks now…up to the point that I’ve been looking over the internet for recipes. Unfortunately, I don’t have the equipment to make it (they cost too much!), so I have to settle on buying one. Although Hubby has been willing to pass by any restaurant to buy a slice when we go out, I always seem to back out at the last minute because my craving instantly fades (and then returns right after the opportunity passes by and it’s too late to go back).

Finally, last night Hubby had his monthly dinner thing with his colleagues at BurJuman. When he called to tell me that he arrived at the mall, he asked if I wanted anything. I immediately answered “Peking duck and New York cheesecake” but almost right away, I told him not to bother with the cheesecake because the restaurant they were going to eat at didn’t have it. However, he told me that he would just pass by Carino’s before leaving since there was a branch in the mall.

And when he got home that evening, lo and behold, my loving husband was carrying the food that I had requested! Yeah, yeah, I'm a spoiled wife =) Naturally, I devoured the Peking duck (you know, the ones that you make into rolls); but as expected, I didn’t even taste the cheesecake. But…I did bring half of the slice as baon to the office today…and I swear, I am going to enjoy that cheesecake even if Baby Tummy won’t!

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