03 May 2016

A My Little Pony Party at Chuck E. Cheese's

Right after she had turned 6 years old, Caila was already looking forward to her 7th birthday. She must have enjoyed her Play-doh themed birthday so much, she couldn’t wait to start planning for her next party. Which is why, as early as May last year, our eldest daughter told me that she wanted a My Little Pony themed birthday party when she turned 7. Yes, that was just 3 months after she turned 6! Talk about excited! ☺  Of course we didn’t start preparing for the party that soon, though. That would have been too early!

After scouting around for fast food restaurants that had party halls, we attended a birthday at Chuck E. Cheese’s, Oud Metha…and as soon as the party was over, Caila told us that that’s where she wanted to celebrate her next birthday. I admit it is a great place. It has a wide variety of machines that kids and kids-at-heart can enjoy; and the best thing is, you only need 1 coin per game! However, I was hesitant to have the party there; mainly because the packages were just too expensive! Hubby and I tried to look for other options, but in the end, we gave in. After all, it was her 7th birthday...a special age to be celebrated (at least, that’s what almost everyone we know tells us)…so we blindly booked the hall in January and started preparations.

Chuck E. Cheese’s has 3 different packages to suit your needs and budget:
We chose the Rock Star package, and since it covered almost everything for the kids, there wasn’t much we had to do except order the cake, prepare and send invitations (so that we could incorporate the MLP theme), think of games and buy prizes, and order food for the adults from their menu (which was mostly salads, pizzas, buffalo wings, and sandwiches).

Just like the past few years, after I showed her different pictures of cakes from the internet, Caila came up with the final design of what she wanted hers to look like. And after several message exchanges and negotiations with Tita Rina of Cakes & Treats by Kat, this was the final product that the birthday girl was very happy with.
My Little Pony 2-layer cake
Ordering cupcakes with MLP fondant icing was out of the question because we had exceeded the budget for the cake, so I simply baked red velvet cupcakes, frosted them with cream cheese frosting, and topped them with cupcake toppers I made.
My Little Pony cupcakes
As for the invitations for Caila’s classmates, I just looked for images on the web, used Photoshop, PowerPoint, and Paint, printed on thick paper, cut them out using decorative scissors, made envelopes from colored A4 paper, and voila!
My Little Pony invitations
Finally, the day Caila had been waiting for arrived. Following the traditions we started, I sent her photo to E-Junior in January and we all waited for her face to be shown on TV on her special day
And with the help of Hubby’s youngest sister (because I just couldn’t shape it correctly), we made a number cake for the birthday girl’s breakfast.
Fast forward to the actual party… As soon as we arrived at the hall upstairs, one of the crew gave Caila a cape, wristband and tiara which she wore immediately, and was then led out to the door where a camera took her picture which was shown on the screens.
The host started the program promptly at 1pm, when majority of the guests had already arrived.
PiƱata Time!
in the Ticket Blaster
Being the mascot lover I am, I was delighted that Chuck E. Cheese and all of his friends made an appearance.
The program seemed too fast, in my opinion, but at least the birthday girl was happy and the kids were able to stay and play at Chuck E. Cheese’s as long as they wanted…or at least until their coins ran out ☺

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