26 October 2015

Letter to Sophie for Her 3rd Birthday

Dear Sophie,

I know this is a bit late, but I couldn’t let any more time pass to share what happened on your birthday this year.

First off though, (belated) Happy Birthday! You’re 3 already! Wow! At this age, you’re already showing signs of becoming a future entertainer by singing, dancing, and talking non-stop. You also like to dress up, pose and ask me to take your picture. Your cute and funny ways are definitely one of the reasons why we find you adorable.
You’re growing independently so fast, anak. Most of the time, you want to do things by yourself: get food, eat, wear clothes, putting the seatbelt on, clean up any mess you made, and so many other things. It makes us so proud! Since you came out into this world, you made our lives more fun, entertaining, and crazy (in a good way); and we’re just so thankful at how wonderful our days are with you around.

I sent your picture to Mother, Baby & Child magazine last August.  You can now proudly say that when you were just 3 years old, you were in a publication ☺
On your birthday, I took a leave off work to spend your special day with you. After Daddy left to go to the office, you went down the building with me and Ate Caila to wait for the bus that would take her to school. When we went back up, I cooked a pancake in the shape of your age, stuck a candle in it, and Yaya and I sang Happy Birthday while you kept smiling while staring, and finally blew the flame out.

Soon after, we got ourselves ready for our date. But before we left, you asked me to take your picture...but you didn't want to smile, thus the serious-looking photo
And then we were off!

We took the bus, then the metro, then another bus to Dubai Mall. You were excited almost all throughout the journey, rarely complaining at how long it was taking us to get there. I knew by the time we arrived at our destination, you were hungry, and when I asked you what you wanted, you said the one thing that I already expected you to say: “Jollibee!”

While walking in the food court, we passed by an area with rides. Seeing the Smurf and Hello Kitty cars, you scrambled on to each of them, sat comfortably, and told me “Mommy, take my picture please!”

At your favourite fast food counter, while we stood waiting for our order, you kept chanting “Jollibee! Jollibee! Jollibee!” while raising both of your arms up and down. It was so cute!
After we finished eating, we happened to pass by someone giving out samples of frozen yoghurt. He offered you one which you shyly accepted and ate as we headed to Le Petit Palais.
And there, you enjoyed playing around with the different toys and activities.

You especially loved the kitchen of the Classic Chateau! First playing around with the little appliances and pretend food, then taking all of them out, putting them on the table, and finally trying to arrange them in the fridge and shelves.

We didn’t have time to try the Beauty Salon, Art Studio, and Karaoke, but we’ll go there next time. I promise.

Our next stop was Hamley’s where I asked you what you wanted as our birthday gift for you. The first thing you saw was Shopkins, and you immediately pointed to one of the boxes. But since I was hesitant to buy it because the pieces were too small, I led you further into the store to look around. I suggested and pointed out Elsa and Anna dolls (from Frozen), Play-Doh, and blocks, but you shook your head. Finally, we came across a shelf of Glitzi Globes, and when I saw you stop, stare, and then turn to smile hopefully at me, I knew that was what you really wanted. After all, this was what you had wanted for the theme if we had a birthday party for you this year.
Before going back home, we went into one more store: Candylicious. There I bought you a bag of assorted gummy candies for your sweet tooth.
By the time we were walking out the mall, you were really sleepy because you were tired and it was way past your bedtime. So I took you in my arms, flagged down a cab, and headed home. You slept soundly the entire ride, but when you heard Ate Caila excitedly meeting us and greeting you when we arrived, you woke up immediately.

You could hardly wait to open your gift, practically talking non-stop and telling your sister and Yaya all about your day while sharing with them the bag of candies.

Then in the afternoon, we went out again…this time Ate and Yaya went with us. We rode the bus, met up with Daddy, and headed back to Dubai Mall where we had dinner at TGIFriday’s while enjoying a great view of the Dancing Fountains. You were in awe of the performances, regardless of whatever music was being played, and would clap your hands after each. And just when another song ended and you thought we would be leaving, you were surprised when the crew of the restaurant shouted your name, brought a plate of yummy dessert and they all sang their Happy Birthday song to you.
And when they left, you blew the candle and immediately devoured the Brownie Obsession with Ate Caila. Out of all the excitement, we forgot to take a video or picture of what was happening. Sorry, anak.

Just know that this day was spent all for you. Because the day of your arrival into our lives, and the amazing little person you have grown to be is reason enough for us to celebrate.

We love you, Sophie. Daddy, Ate Caila and I will always love you; and we guarantee that we will always be here to love you every day of our lives.

Hugs and kisses, my little chocolate (so kulit) girl! ☺


  1. Your Sophie is so cute! How sweet of you to write this letter for her. :)

  2. Hello Sophie! Happy birthday!!! I love your pancake and you look great on your birthday outfit! :)

  3. Happy 3rd birthday Sophie :-) your girl is so adorable

  4. Happy birthday pretty young lady. You're so adorable. :)

  5. Happy Birthday to Sophie, Sis- such a cutie and seeing all the wonderful photos. I can tell that she have the best birthday ever. Thanks for sharing.:)

  6. Happy birthday to baby Sophie. Have a great birthday baby girl! :) I love her name!

  7. I love the kitchen! Looks better than mine hehe Happy birthday!!!:)

  8. Beautiful Sophie. Happy birthday! Your mom is so sweet for writing this letter to you. :)

  9. Happy Birthday Sophie! What a sweet letter!


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