10 April 2013

pick-me-upper #1

Even though my spirits lifted after reading those bible verses the other day, I still couldn’t help feeling a bit miserable. After all, I’m still human; you can’t expect the feelings of crappiness immediately disappear. The next day (yesterday), I went on with my life as normal and did whatever I needed to do. I was still offended, but I had already accepted the fact that it just wasn’t time to get what I was hoping for. In the afternoon when Hubby fetched me from work, he asked me what the plan (for the rest of the day) was. We didn’t have our regular upper household that night, so our evening was totally free. I just shrugged and said “Wala. Anong plano mo?” To which he asked if I wanted to go to Deira City Centre.

Me: Bakit? Anong gagawin natin dun?
Hubby: Tingnan natin yung gusto mong mixer.
Me: Wehhh?! Sure ka?
Hubby: Oo. Sabi mo kasi kailangan mo ng “pick-me-upper” dahil sa nangyari kahapon, eh di yun na lang. Di rin kasi ako nakapagbigay ng gift sa yo nung Valentine’s atsaka birthday mo, kaya all-in-one na ‘to.

He didn’t have to explain, and I didn’t need any more convincing, but it sure psyched me up as we went towards to the mall.

We headed to Carrefour where we saw all these different food mixers. However, the really nice ones were just too expensive. Almost all of them were multifunctional, but since we didn’t need a blender or juicer or chopper, it just wouldn’t be practical. We saw the hand mixers at the end of the shelf and they were much more cheaper than the big all-in-ones we saw earlier. Actually, I was already choosing between a Black and Decker and a Kenwood since all I was really looking for was a reliable mixer with a bowl; but then Hubby said that those weren’t the ones that I had in mind. How he knew exactly what I was looking for was beyond me, but I just followed him out of Carrefour and into Sharaf DG.

And that’s where we saw 2 really nice mixers. Both looked good and sturdy, they didn’t have all these big things and other functions that we didn’t need, and both were from well-known and reliable brands; but what made me decide which one to get was the color...because I didn’t want a plain, boring white one =)

Bosch Kitchen Machine...in my favorite color!
Now I can bake all those yummy recipes that require mixers on different speeds without worrying about aching my arms.  Yaaaaaayyyyy!!!

Thank you, Mahal!


  1. Wow! dream ko din tong bilhin.
    the color is really nice

  2. Nice 'no? Favorite ko talaga yung red eh =)


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