21 April 2013

fulfilling weekend: dubai terry fox run

I have yet to blog about the great dinner we had on Mama’s birthday as I still need to copy the photos taken from my sister. In the meantime, though, let me share with you our busy, yet fulfilling weekend, starting off with the Dubai Terry Fox Run we joined last Friday morning.

As I mentioned in a post a couple of years back, except for a few years in between, I’ve been joining this annual event since my first year Dubai back in 2004. This year, there was no excuse not to join, and since Hubby was the Team Head for this month’s KFC activity, we decided to have this run be the Junior Kids’ activity. So Friday morning found our group of parents, coordinators, SFCs, and kids gathered outside the Toys R Us sign of Dubai Festival City, warming up, getting ready and having our pictures taken.
And since we wanted the kids to learn something as well, Hubby gave a brief talk about Terry Fox and the purpose of the Run.
After some time, we joined the rest of the participants gathered in front of the stage exercising, doing the Harlem Shake and dancing Gangnam Style. It was really fun and funny! Terry Fox’s sister Judith was also there to join the event and share a few words.
Finally, the run started and our group began walking...and having our pictures taken again =)

As much as we would have wanted to walk the complete route, we had to take a short-cut because we had kids with us and their little legs were getting tired. Plus, it was getting really hot as well.

Compared to the DTFRs of the previous years that were usually held in February or March, this one was pretty late. So since the summer heat was already on us, this must have been one of the reasons why the turnout wasn’t as big as the ones before.

All in all though, considering that everything was donated or volunteered, it was still a successful event...both for Terry Fox and for our cluster of the Juniors Kids for Christ.
And as a little bonus, our group was included in the Gulf News video clip.
I'm the one wearing a black cap, Caila is the small one in front,
and Hubby is the guy wearing an umbrella hat at the upper right corner

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