07 April 2013

meeting donna

The day after Easter and on the first day of my stressful workweek (sorry, I just had to mention that) was the same day Donna and I met up. Donna is the winner of my birthday giveaway and the lady behind the blog More Than Meets the Eye.  Days before, we exchanged e-mail messages and agreed to have coffee at Tim Horton’s in Deira City Centre on Monday at 6:45pm. We both arrived promptly (thank goodness!) and our meet-up began from there.

I honestly thought it would be just a short chitchat, but I was gladly surprised that we were so engrossed in our chikahan that we ended at 8pm. If she didn’t have her husband roaming around the mall waiting for her and if I didn’t have my daughters waiting for me at home, I’m sure we would have ended much later.

 Anyway, what’s important is we met up, we enjoyed a good conversation, and she got her prize. 

Oh, and she brought a yummy gift for Caila as well!

Congratulations again, Donna! And thank you!


  1. It was a pleasure meeting you Pamela.
    Thanks for the treat and most esp. the book :-)
    I really had a nice time chatting with you. You are prettier in person.
    Love Caila's smile :-)
    God Bless.

  2. I hope you enjoy the book, Donna.
    Thanks for the compliments =)
    God bless!


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