08 April 2013

eraserheads reunion concert in dubai

So as I mentioned in an earlier post, Hubby and I were one of the thousands of people who gathered at the Dubai Media City Amphitheatre last Thursday to watch the Eraserheads Reunion Concert. Honestly, I’m not really a fan of the band. Sure I know some of their songs, but that’s it. Same thing with Hubby, although he knows more of their songs than me. And the only band member I know is Ely Buendia; naturally, he’s the singer kasi. So why did we bother to watch? Because we had FREE PASSES! Naturally, if someone offered you free passes to a reunion concert of the Philippines’ version of The Beatles, you’d go, right? What made it better was the passes were for the Platinum area...at the front!

Before Eraserheads came out, the front act Call of Nature (at least, I think that’s what the band was called) performed 2 songs which I didn’t know because they were more of metal rock. Definitely not my type of music. After CoN finished, we all waited...and waited...and waited. 9pm came and went, but the crowd kept waiting. We were all getting rather antsy, but fortunately after a dramatic 15 minute countdown, the Eraserheads came on stage at 9:45pm and gave us all what we were there for.

As I said, I wasn’t familiar with most of their songs, so out of the almost 30 that they played, I only knew about 5 of them. Nevertheless, the concert was totally awesome! Although I haven’t converted into a fan of theirs, I have to say that their music rocks! Everyone who was at the DMC Amphitheatre that night (including those who watched the concert from the offices and parking lots fronting that area) had a fantastic time. Just by looking at the pictures of that night, you could tell that the magic of the E-heads was still alive even though the members went their own separate ways years ago. 

There were lots of times the guy holding the live feeder camera (is that what it’s called?) would go around to get shots of the crowd. Of course, since we were near the stage, Hubby and I were among those who would smile and wave and act crazy when we knew the camera would focus on us...which everyone could clearly see on the 2 live screens =)  After a stressful week, it was a great way to let loose (of course, not too much).

As I was saying, it was absolutely terrific! Kudos to the organizers and the band for such a great concert. Super sulit talaga! Oh wait, the passes were free. So, super sulit ang gasolina at ang Dhs2 para sa parking fee that we paid for that night =)

*all photos of the Eraserheads taken from du

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