30 April 2013

mcdonald’s date with caila

Last week after work, I was craving for a burger (no, I’m not pregnant again, if that’s what you’re thinking). Only Caila wanted to join me in going to the McDonald’s restaurant nearby, so I got the chance to have another date with her...this time, just the two of us. Off we went, her hand in mine as we walked through the sand to the fast-food outlet. While I ordered a McRoyale meal for me and an apple pie for my daughter, Caila settled herself in one of the booths with a jigsaw board that one of the crews gave her.
During our date, we would talk about anything she wanted, she would play with the jigsaw, and feed herself with her pie.

After a while, she stood up and climbed on the restaurant’s wooden bars/rods. I guess she was getting tired of sitting down and wanted to let out her energy.

From time to time, I would remind her to eat the rest of her apple pie, which she obediently did and finished, along with some of my fries. Soon after, she insisted on taking my picture, so I gave her the camera and posed as she instructed

Before leaving, I gave Caila some money and told her to buy a McChicken sandwich for Mama, which she obediently, but shyly, did.

waiting for her order
Of course, our date wouldn’t be complete without a photo to remember it by, and that’s what we had, taken by one of the friendly staff.
a cheap date...but a memorable one just the same

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