28 April 2013

fulfilling weekend: date with caila

Two Saturdays ago, after Hubby and I had rested from the KFC activity that morning, while Mama, Yaya Juliet and Sophie stayed at home, we took Caila to Deira City Centre for the 6pm Barney Show at Magic Planet. Even though she’s seen Barney mascots dozens of times already, she was still excited. There were so many parents and kids at Magic Planet by the time we arrived, but fortunately, we were able to settle ourselves in a spot with a good view. The show started promptly with a lady making everyone sing ABC and Old McDonald Had a Farm.  After a few minutes, Barney came out and sang a few of his famous songs, making everyone move and sing.
The entire program lasted only 15 minutes which was bitin of course, but considering it was free, it was ok.

After that, we decided to let Caila play some games; we were at Magic Planet after all. So while father and daughter enjoyed throwing balls, banging on annoying frogs, aiming water, going on rides, and collecting tickets, I took photos of them.


There was one car race game which Caila wanted to play, so Hubby swiped the card and the game started.  Our little girl actually didn’t know what had to be done; all she wanted to do was turn the steering wheel. So, para hindi masayang ang credit, Hubby assisted her with the wheel. After a while, Caila got tired of the game, so she stood up and got out of the car...which led to Hubby settling himself in the seat and finishing the race.

Hmm...looking at the pictures, it seems Hubby did it on purpose. Enjoy na enjoy nya yung game eh =)

After Magic Planet, we passed by Early Learning Centre where Caila enjoyed a few minutes of stepping on the keys of the big keyboard and trying to pop the bubbles coming out from the machine.

She didn't want to leave at first, but she finally allowed us to lead her away.  But she insisted on having her picture taken with one of the big wooden dolls first...while covering its nose. Kids, go figure!
After ELC, we went to Carrefour to buy some groceries. By the time we finished, we were already hungry, so we headed to Pot Belly for a dinner of sandwiches and fries...with Caila’s favourite yogurt drink =)

And that’s how we enjoyed our date with Caila. A little bit overdue, but special nonetheless.

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