24 April 2013

fulfilling weekend: kfc lead assembly

Friday morning we had the activity for the Junior kids of KFC. Saturday morning we had the activity for the Senior kids which was the Lead Assembly with a camping-in theme. And because of the theme, the kids came bringing their mats/sleeping bags/blankets and wearing their comfy pajamas and slippers. And to make the camping complete, popcorn was served!

It was a half-day activity held in 3 rooms of the St. Mary’s Church Mini-hall. Each room had a tent where YFCs would give a talk and the kids were grouped accordingly so that all of them had the chance to listen to each one. The first room had the Praying Tent, the second room had the Loving Tent, and the last had the Serving Tent. As you can probably guess, the objective of the activity was to teach the kids to be a praying, loving, and serving leader.

Praying Tent
Loving Tent
Serving Tent
Before the end, the March and April birthday celebrants (kids and coordinators) were asked to stand up in front so that we could be prayed over before blowing the candles on the apple muffins, which I had tiringly yet lovingly made from scratch the night before. Good thing the muffins were a hit!

After that, we settled down to a delicious lunch of spaghetti and chicken (for the kids) and rice, laing, inihaw na liempo and buko pandan (for the coordinators and YFCs). In between, the song Gwiyomi was played and some kids entertained us by showing us how to do the actions. Matagal na pala uso yung kantang yun sa Asia, but that was the first time I heard that song. I admit it’s kinda cute; maybe I’ll teach it to Caila one of these days...unless she already knows it =)

It was another activity where the kids were enlightened with new knowledge. And thankfully, because of the set-up, they found it fun, unique, and interesting.

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