01 May 2013

color me happy

I haven’t been my usual self lately. Actually, I didn’t really notice until earlier when 2 managers told me (on separate occasions) that they haven’t seen “the cheerful and smiling Pamela” that they’re used to seeing every day. What’s bothering me? Honestly, I don’t know. I can’t pinpoint any reason why. Busy with work? Yes, but I’m managing. Tired? Not really. That time of the month? Hmm...it’s possible.

Anyway, to try to perk myself up, I started searching the internet for ideas for Sophie’s 1st birthday. I know, I know...she just turned 7 months so it’s too early to plan. But I was just looking around for possible themes! Hindi naman ako masyadong defensive ‘no? =)

I don’t want to have a character themed party, because they tend to end up being too gender-centered (like Rapunzel/Tangled for girls, making it difficult looking for stuff for the boys who will be attending). I want something general, but nice and cute just the same.

Fortunately, it didn’t take long for me to find a theme I liked. Thank goodness there's the internet, search engines, Pinterest, and all the other sites that made my search so easy! Can you guess what it is by looking at these?

Yup, RAINBOWS! Lots and lots of rainbows! Just looking at them will definitely uplift anyone’s spirits...me included. So not only did I find a theme for Sophie’s birthday, my mood is now much brighter and happier. Yaaaaaaayyy!

Oh, I just remembered that today is my anniversary with the company I'm working for now.  Yup, the same day as Labour Day.  Unlike the rest of the world who celebrate working by not working (toinks!), here in the Middle East, we go on with our corporate lives as usual.  So, Happy Labour Day to everyone and Happy 7th Anniversary to me! =)


  1. pam, I am your child"s b-day will be awesome with these rainbow colors!


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