09 January 2011

our little fashionista

When she knows we’re going out, and if she doesn’t like our choice of the clothes we lay out for her, Caila makes a fuss and then pulls out whatever she wants to wear. More often than not, she does know how to coordinate the colors.
There was a time when I was trying to force her to wear a white blouse because she was wearing greenish-gray pants, but she kept crying until I gave in and let her wear the blue blouse she wanted. Then, when she saw me get her gray knitted sweater, she pointed at her pink and blue jacket, indicating that that’s what she was going to wear. When I looked at her in her blue blouse, greenish-gray pants, pink shoes, pink and blue jacket, and pink woolly cap, that’s when I realized it actually looked good...and I was amazed!
Even her hair accessories should match what she’s wearing. Her head bands come in different colors and she only agrees to wear whatever is the same color as her blouse/shirt, shorts, socks or shoes, otherwise she’ll take it off immediately.
Whenever we go to the mall and she sees a store with mannequins wearing stylish clothes, she presses her face against the window and points at whatever caught her eye. If it’s a store for babies and children’s wear, she immediately goes in and sorts through the items.
Yesterday, we went into a shop to look for sneakers for her. There were 3 different shoes in her size. One by one, I showed them to her and she tried them on: with hearts (and lights), with stars, and another with a blah design that I can’t remember. Hubby and I both liked the one with hearts because it had more space for her feet to breathe, and the one with stars made her feet look big, but of course we knew our daughter would be the one to decide. After she tried them all, we asked her which one she wanted, and she pointed at the one with hearts and lights. As soon as she tried them on again (for us to get one final look), she didn’t want to take them off; so the saleslady cut off the tag and peeled off the stickers, and hubby paid at the counter while Caila kept standing in front of the shop mirror, admiring her new shoes.
After that, we went to McDonalds for ice cream while hubby had Piper washed at the petrol station. Caila was enjoying her treat when a girl (about 13 years old, I think) who was wearing a stylish jacket, jeans-skirt and knee-high boots walked by our table. Right away, Caila strained her head and looked at the girl from head to feet and back. I don’t think she’d have stopped staring if I hadn’t told her that her ice cream was melting...but she kept glancing at the girl every few minutes until she walked out of the restaurant.
We’d love to encourage her fashion sense, but hopefully it won’t be too expensive, daring or weird as she grows up.

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