06 January 2011

dating again

A month ago, hubby suggested that since our offices were (slightly) near each other, we should have lunch together once a month.
No special occasion or reason, and the place where we would eat didn’t have to be posh; this would just be a chance for us to take a break from our busy schedules and spend some time together. Of course I agreed.
So today, a few minutes before 1pm, I went to the washroom to get myself ready for our first lunch out...and by 1:03pm, hubby had fetched me and we were on our way to the Fuddruckers near my office.
The servings were huge (well, for me they were), food was delicious, iced tea was good (bottomless!), and service was prompt. But all of this didn’t really matter to me. I just relished on the fact that hubby and I were going out on dates again...just the two of us.
Don’t get me wrong. Of course I enjoy it when we go out with Caila (and her nanny), whether to the mall or park; but these times are usually bonding moments as a family. We can’t talk about serious stuff or have heart-to-heart talks. The only place where we can have serious talks is in our room before we sleep, but it’s also difficult because Caila co-sleeps with us, and when she’s awake, she’s always the focus of our attention. As a couple, we need to find time for us...as husband and wife.
I'd love to continue having these lunch dates all throughout the year, or for as long as we’re working in the same vicinity. It’s a good way to keep the fire of love burning, don’t you think?

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