10 January 2011

playtime at mirdiff city centre

Over the weekend, we took Caila to Mirdiff City Centre at the kids’ play area at Play Nation. It was still pretty early and there were just a handful of kids, so the lady at the entrance allowed all of us (me, hubby, Ate Cel) to go in with Caila. You can imagine that she enjoyed herself immensely! There were so many things to do and see...but just enough for her to discover in the allotted 1 hour. There was this slide in the jungle gym, and of course she wanted to try it. Unfortunately, she wanted to go on it with me, so I had to climb up and squeeze in all these small spaces. I swear, those 3 minutes in that place just to get to the top of the slide seemed like forever! I think I was beginning to feel claustrophobic. Finally, we found the slide, so I caught my breath (going up was really tiring!), settled Caila comfortably in my lap, and we slid down. Naturally, she wanted to go again, but I didn’t want to go through the tight maze another time, so I distracted her with something else in the area. Fortunately, it worked, and she explored everything she could, running from one activity to the next. Just when we thought she had had enough (because we saw her sit down on a chair a couple of times), she would jump back up and go to whatever caught her eye. The only time she would actually rest was to drink some water and eat some biscuits...and then she would be off again. In the beginning we would take turns following her to make sure she wouldn’t trip or hurt herself; but then we couldn’t keep up with her energy so we just sat down and made sure to keep an eye on her.
The fee cost Dhs30. It was a tiring 1 hour. But seeing our daughter happily playing and having a good time was absolutely priceless.

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