12 January 2011

lucky seven

Today I’m celebrating my 7th year in Dubai...SEVEN years! Wow!
Looking back to that day when I boarded the plane in Manila, I was fearful and anxious because I didn’t want to leave my (then) boyfriend and I was unsure of what was waiting for me. It was my first time to travel to another country all alone, and although I knew my sister was going to be there to guide me, I still felt scared. I didn't want to let go of the comforts I was accustomed to, and I knew I had to become mature and more responsible if I wanted to survive. That time, I told myself that I would stay here for 2 years max. Obviously, God had different plans for me.
It was here where I moved into my first home, which I had all to myself for more than 4 years. Here where I joined the SFC community which gave me good friends and brought me closer to Him. Here where I managed to get over the guy in the Philippines and move on. Here where I had the opportunity to visit Europe. Here where I met hubby. Here where I began my family. Here where I gave birth to my daughter. Here where I learned to drive. And so many more.
I’m not the same person who arrived in Dubai 7 years ago. I became independent and self-reliant. I grew and changed over the years with the help of so many people and experiences, and most especially, with God’s guidance. It’s been a journey full of ups and downs, highs and lows...and I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else today than here.
Thank you, Lord, for Your love as I continue my life in the Middle East.

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