08 January 2014

(slightly) detailed kwento of my busy december

I can't believe we're more than 1 week into the year already! Honestly, where did the time go?! After I posted my last entry a few days ago, I was supposed to start blogging again to share what kept me busy last month...but I just didn't have the time to “collect my thoughts” and now I can't remember all the details of what happened. Gaaahhh!

But I guess I owe you guys some kwento, at least just to prove to you that I really had many things to attend to. And this post is it.  There will be dates where I’ll tell you all about what happened, and some where I just mentioned the event. For those, I’ll try to prepare separate posts because there are more details and pictures and then link them up to this later. So please just bear with me if I forget some specifics. Epekto po ito ng anaesthesia…twice na ako na-CS eh. (hahaha!).

6 December. This was Hubby's birthday and the KFC Coords & PST Family Christmas Party which took place at the Creek Park. We spent practically the whole day there from 8am to 8pm because (1) we needed to secure a good place for our big group, (2) we also had the cluster's annual evaluation and planning, and (3) we had the long overdue farewell and honouring for Tito Del and Tita Madz as well. There was lots of food, several games and prizes, and of course, the exchange gifts for the kids and adults.


 7 December. Baptism of my SFC baby’s baby. I was one of the godparents of pretty Agatha Miche, but since the ceremony was in the morning in Jebel Ali and I had work that day, our family just went to the reception venue directly after they fetched me from the office. Good thing the reception took place in the evening. Again, it was a great opportunity to get together with our old friends from SFC and CFC.
family picture without ate caila (because she just didn't want to have her picture taken)
10 December. Hubby and I were invited to attend the Christmas tree lighting at the InterContinental Hotel in DFC. When we arrived, we were immediately offered hot chocolate, marshmallows, and something else I can’t remember. They were delicious and really brought the festive feel to the occasion.

Part of the program was the singing of popular Christmas songs and carols by a group (most probably employees of the hotel) which we all enjoyed.
And after the hotel manager said a few words, upon given the signal, kids jumped on the big switch and we all saw the big tree light up, prompting the crowd to say “Ahhh!!!” and clap their hands in awe and appreciation. After that, we were led to the outdoor part of the hotel’s Vista Lounge & Bar where we enjoyed various dishes while taking in the cool weather and breeze and listening to the music being played from the piano.

We left a while later when we had our fill and felt that the winter air was becoming a bit too cold for us. After we said goodbye to the Sales Manager handling our company’s account, she gave me and Hubby a bag each of treats from the hotel: macarons, gingerbread cookies, an An Badia Golf Club stress ball, and a discount/deal voucher.

It was a great evening and a nice date-night for Hubby and me.
my pogi date =)
11 December.  FS2 Annual Sports Meet.

13 December. We had our Pinoy Mafia Christmas Party that night. As with usual Christmas parties, there were games (I was the game-master/host) and prizes, exchange gifts, and plenty, plenty of delicious food! I was a bit angry at myself earlier that night because I had prepared a big bowl of fruit salad but only realized when we were almost near the venue that we had left it at home. Since we were already running late, I just let it be, transferred it into a Pyrex food container when we reached home, and brought it to the office 2 days later which my colleagues eagerly finished.
14 December. KFC Cluster Christmas Party. Instead of the usual monthly activity, we had the Christmas party at Zaabeel Park where most of the KFC members came to have fun. A thinner-than-usual Santa Claus also made a surprise visit, much to the delight of the kids (and adults too!) even though almost all of them knew his real identity.

That week (from the night of the 11th until the morning of the 15th) was also the time we had some guests stay over at our home: cast members of the Teen Saint Pedro musical (headed by Makisig Morales) which took place on December 13 at St. Anthony Padua Church in Ras Al Khaimah. However, because their group had been busy with rehearsals and meetings since they arrived, it was only that Saturday night when we were able to spend time with Tita Grace and her son Paolo. We went to the Dubai Mall where we had dinner at TGI Friday’s while enjoying 3 amazing shows of the Dancing Fountain. Tita Grace was especially thrilled with the songs that were played: The Prayer, I Will Always Love You, and My Heart Will Go On. After taking pictures in front of Burj Khalifa, The Address, the Festive Castle, and the Waterfall, we headed to Atlantis where they took more pictures.
15 December. First Simbang Gabi Mass. Last year, we didn’t get to attend even one day of the Simbang Gabi. It was a mix of reasons really: we often arrived home late from work, Sophie was barely 3 months old, Mama had rheumatism, traffic, etc. This year, although we wanted to complete the novena, there were things we had to attend to, so we only had the chance to attend the first and eighth nights. From what I noticed, each year the number of people attending Simbang Gabi seem to grow more and more. The parish grounds are becoming full and practically overflowing with Filipinos. I heard on the first night, it was just so full that many just attended mass from the parking area. Wow!

another family picture without caila (well, slight) because of the usual reason
19 December. Parent-Teacher Meeting and Collection of Reports, and Processing Jovy’s Visa. 

20 December. Company Family Year-End Party at Radisson Blu.

23 December. I went to the Philippine Consulate to collect my passport which I had renewed earlier, and then headed to Dubai Media City to collect the prize tickets I won. It was a very wet morning (much like yesterday) and I was really tempted to postpone my errands. But since I wanted to get everything done with, I left the apartment in the appropriate weather gear, braving rainy Dubai.
24 December. Christmas Eve with the Fajarians.

25 December. Christmas Day. We woke up later than usual because of the late night we spent at our friends’ apartment. My sister had called us inviting us to have lunch with her and Gabe and our (cousin’s) nephew Louie. When we arrived at Nando’s in Al Ghurair, they were already there and had already placed their orders. Hubby and Caila joined them, but Sophie and I had to go to the bathroom because she had soiled her diaper and I had to clean her up.

The bathroom in the restaurant was very small so it took me some effort to change her nappy. Fortunately, I managed. But what really pissed me off was a kid who kept knocking on the door. When she tried to turned the knob and found it was locked, I called out that it was occupied. A few seconds later, I heard her knocking. Again I said that someone was inside. Shortly, I heard several knocks again which wouldn’t stop even though I tried to ignore them. When I became fed up from being rushed with the constant knocking, I shouted “Can you please wait?!”

A woman then irritably answered “See, my daughter needs to go to the toilet.”

I answered back “Well, I’m trying to change my baby’s diaper in a small room, so can you be patient?!”

That made them stop. A minute later when I stepped out with Sophie in my arms, I heard the woman mumble “Oh, sorry.”

Hay! Kung hindi siguro araw ng Pasko, baka na-Anne Curtis ko sila. Hahaha!

After lunch, we had dessert at Cinnabon, then headed to St. Mary’s Church to attend the mass. After that, we shopped for groceries at Carrefour in Deira City Centre before heading home. Later, Hubby left to pick up Louie to drop him off at the airport.

27 December. The Erik Santos-Parokya ni Edgar-Eraserheads Concert.

31 December. New Year’s Eve. Unlike majority of Dubai, our family didn’t go out to see any of the fireworks that night. Instead, we avoided the heavy traffic, crowds, and cold weather and stayed at home where we gobbled up the dinner we had prepared earlier and enjoyed the 3 fireworks displays from the best view of all: the television =)

Whew! I told you they were a lot. At least now I’m only slightly backlogged in my posts. But then there are more things that have happened since the beginning of the year and more that will happen in the coming days. Yikes! I guess I've gotta make a move on it then, huh? =)

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