19 January 2014

gone too soon

It was all so sudden. Thursday afternoon, his wife had posted a picture on Facebook of him on a gurney; however, the caption sounded light so we didn’t think it was too serious. Thursday night, we found out he had a mild heart attack. On Friday, we were informed that he was at the Philippine Heart Centre. And then yesterday morning, we received the shocking and devastating news that he was gone.

He was one of Hubby’s original members in the Batch 23 of the SFC Christian Life Program back in 2006, and continued to be his member until we got married and he became a Unit Leader for another Chapter in SFC.
Our friendship with him and his then girlfriend (now wife) grew when our ET barkada was formed in 2007.
taken last January 2013
He became one of Caila’s godfathers when she was baptized.
taken during their wedding in 2009
He was also very active in the Kids for Christ ministry in Dubai, serving from the time they were still Singles. Like Hubby and me, they were Chapter Heads in the ministry.
He was only 34 years old.

They had just celebrated their 4th wedding anniversary last December.

He was still young and full of life. There were still so many things that he could have done and so many more lives that he could have touched.

But then God probably decided that he had already accomplished his mission on earth, so He called him back to heaven.…where he could always look over his wife, his loved ones, his friends, and his favorite ministry in the community.

We still needed him here, but heaven needed another angel.
Thank you for all the wonderful memories, Archie. We will surely miss you.
Rest peacefully in paradise.

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