23 July 2015

A Quick Hi From the North!

Hi everyone! If you're following me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you'll understand why this blog has been pretty quiet lately...it's because we're in Canada...Langley, British Columbia to be exact! Woohoo!!!

We've been here for almost a week (since the night of July 17) and so far, everything has been great!

I bought a couple of charms from Pandora in Guildford Mall, my brother took us to Whistler Olympic Plaza where Caila told us that she wants to stay in Canada forever, Hubby used his international driving licence when we went to Alouette Lake and across the US border to and from Seattle to eat at Jollibee, plus we saw totem poles at Stanley Park in Vancouver.

This is in addition to the refreshing morning walks we enjoy around the neighborhood almost every day.

Life is really different here compared to Dubai. You can see trees everywhere, people are more disciplined, time doesn't fly as fast, and even though it's already 9pm, it feels like it's just afternoon because it's not dark yet.

I could get used to this! =)

Anyway, I've been taking pictures and I promise to blog about our trip as soon as I've settled back to my routine when we return to the sandpit. In the meantime, you can keep updated and join us on our vacation by following me on Twitter and Instagram (@glimpsesofpam) and liking my page on Facebook (Glimpses of Pam) if you haven't yet.

See you soon!


  1. Enjoy your vacation! Will definitely watch out for your stories :)

  2. Wow I hope you enjoy you stay there. Looking forward for another blog post with photos. ;-)

    1. Thanks, we did. You can check out my first post about our trip; I just blogged about it the other day ☺

  3. Enjoy your vacations Ms. Pam! I cannot imagine how British Columbia looks like but I'm sure it's a really great place for vacation.

    1. Thank you, Mark. It was definitely a great place...for vacation or for people who want to migrate there.


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