23 January 2014

the erik santos-parokya ni edgar-eraserheads concert

A concert where Parokya ni Edgar and Eraserheads perform back to back is definitely one for the books. So of course I was absolutely thrilled when I won a couple of tickets to this rare event. Although we liked both groups, I was more of a PNE fan while Hubby favoured the E-Heads more. Still, it was a great opportunity to watch them live, so in the afternoon of the 27th of December, we headed to the Meydan Racecourse for our date.

It said on the tickets that the gates would open at 4pm, but we were only let in more than an hour later. Good thing the weather was still cool. While waiting, Hubby and I took pictures.

And since the RJs of Tag 91.1 were also hanging out in that area, we took pictures with them too.

Finally, the organizers started letting the people in. We first had to queue in separate lines (men and women) according to the area specified in our tickets, have our bags checked, and were each given concert paper wristbands.  Then we took pictures again.

We were getting pretty hungry by the time we entered the grounds, so we went to the NKD Pizza booth to order pizza and bottles of water for ourselves.
my date while waiting for our pizzas
 After we had our fill, we headed to the area which had the perfect view of the artists who would be performing…right in front of the stage!

We didn’t have to wait too long because a while later, Louie Da Costa, Maria Maldita, Chikay, and Bob Kebab came out and started entertaining the crowd with their conversations and jokes. And then shortly after that, Erik Santos came out. I’m not a fan of Erik’s, but that night I realized that he actually has a nice and powerful voice. Sorry naman; I don’t get to watch ASAP kasi. And in fairness, ang gwapo pala nya! Hahaha! Being a balladeer, he mostly sang love songs and a few upbeat ones as well. My favorites were Miss You Like Crazy and Sana Ngayong Pasko. Nakakakilig lang.

When Parokya ni Edgar performed on stage, that was my favourite part of the evening. Chito was really funny and accommodating, singing most of the songs that the crowd asked for. He sang Bagsakan by himself, the original of which was sung with Francis M. and Gloc 9, and he also gave in to a fan’s joking request and sang Elesi, which we all knew isn’t theirs. Hubby was disappointed that they didn’t sing Ang Parokya, but I guess they didn’t have enough time to sing all their hits. Anyway, I really liked that Chito was game and entertaining, talking to the crowd in between songs, making jokes while lightly referring to his recent scandal, and thanking his fans for all their support.

Of course, the Eraserheads were the final performers of the night…well, the last ones that we watched. Compared to PNE, they were able to sing more songs in the time they were given onstage. I guess the major reason why is Ely didn’t really talk that much to the crowd. They mostly sang and played their instruments. Suplado masyado, but I heard that he’s really like that. Oh well. Basta kami, nag-enjoy kahit papaano.
In between the three Filipino artists, MC Jin (an American Chinese rapper) and Lira (a South African singer) also took the stage and entertained the crowd. Lira sang mostly soul and jazz music; and although it’s not particularly my cup of tea, she was ok. I also don’t fancy rap songs, but surprisingly, I enjoyed MC Jin’s performance. He was pretty cool and most of the messages in his songs had sense and meaning; not just about cars and the beach and other trivial things. He mentioned that he had starred in 2 Fast 2 Furious with Paul Walker, and rapped some lines as a tribute. When his crew were giving away his CDs, I eagerly managed to get one of them. That’s another advantage of being in the front =)

And to top it off, I won another treat from Tag that night! Some time in between performances, the RJs were playing the Bring Me game, asking the crowd for different items. Chikay was sitting on the barrier about 2 people away from me when she asked for a picture of at least one Tag RJ. I immediately whipped out Tisay, opened the Gallery folder and quickly showed her the picture of me with them which we had taken earlier. Panalo agad! She jokingly commented that they didn’t look like RJs because they didn’t have enough make-up on and they looked haggard.
our loots
Falling in love again, jamming, singing, and winning…all in one night. What a great way to celebrate our December monthsary.

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