14 January 2014

christmas eve with the fajarians

We didn’t prepare anything for Noche Buena last year. Instead, we headed to Deira to celebrate it with our friends who all stayed in the same building but in different apartments. It was a potluck dinner, so we all contributed something for the special meal.
After we enjoyed the sumptuous food, fun games were played. And no, I wasn’t the game master this time =) Ana asked us to pair up (husband and wife, obviously) and gave us a couple of pen and paper games which she got from the internet…both of which Hubby and I easily answered and won (kinareer talaga!).

winners of the first game
winners of the second game
And then we were grouped in two teams (men vs. women). The first game was Charades, and the next was Pinoy Henyo. We all found it difficult to win points because beforehand, each team thought of movies/songs/items for the other team to act out or guess. So for sure, pahirapan!


Finally, it was time for the exchanging of gifts. Kids and adults all received something that night, and we all had a good time until the wee hours of Christmas Day.
Yup, even the kids managed to stay awake all night until we all finally left to go to our homes. They must have enjoyed playing amongst themselves as much as we did.
salamat, Fajarians!
*photos taken from Oliver's fb page

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