13 January 2014

charms for a decade

I’ve been looking for a particular type of accessory for almost a month now. Back in November last year, I wanted to get myself a charm bracelet from Pandora and collect its different charms as time passed. But the desire wasn’t that strong, and I just put it on my wish list of items that I would get some time in the future.

On Christmas Day, as we were walking around Al Ghurair Centre, I saw a particular charm bracelet that had a watch. It was nice and pretty; but again, the desire wasn’t strong enough to tempt me into buying it or even to check how much it cost.

Then early this month, I noticed that the gold marks for the hours on the face of my watch had fallen out of place (probably from being dropped by my kids so many times). On top of that, it seemed to have run out of battery and I had to constantly adjust the time. So I decided it was time to change it, and, recalling that I liked the charm bracelet watch I had seen last month, started looking around for it or something similar.

Since we were attending a birthday party at Chowking on the 4th of January, I went back to the stall where I first saw the watch. Unfortunately, they only had it in silver tone. There it cost around Dhs480.

Out of curiosity, I checked Souq.com and it was selling at Dhs460, plus delivery charges.

Last Friday, when Hubby and I went to DCC, I checked 2 stores that also had the same item, but again, not in the color I wanted. In one, it originally cost around Dhs625, but after their (supposed) promotional 25% discount, it came to Dhs470. See how the DSF isn’t such a big sale event at all?! In the second store, the price tag read Dhs575, but after some haggling, the salesman lowered the price to Dhs470. That was before I found that they only had it in silver and rose-gold tone.

Finally, yesterday we were at Mirdif City Centre so that Caila could enjoy the remaining hours of the long weekend at Aqua Play. As we were walking around, we passed by a shop (same as the second store in DCC that we visited the day before) and I checked if they had the watch. They did, and in the gold tone I wanted too! Checking the tag, I saw it was Dhs475. I was willing to buy it at that price already, but after I asked the salesman if they had any discounts or promos for it, he offered me 2 choices. In the end, I paid Dhs400 for this elegant and girly Anne Klein charm bracelet watch:
Isn’t it pretty? It’s a bit heavy and chunky, but I like it. Simple enough to be used for casual wear, but elegant enough for special evenings. The reason why I wanted it in yellow gold is because the jewelry that I usually wear are also the same tone. The Swarovski crystal accented charms are an added bonus to match the set I have (see here and here).

Actually, despite looking around for it for some time, I had really been hoping I would be able to buy it yesterday. I wanted it to be my Decade in Dubai gift for myself…and that’s exactly what happened. Yay!

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