08 January 2014

company family year-end party

The company party was the most stressful event last month mainly because I was the organizer, coordinator, host/emcee/ music and video jockey, photo-wall backdrop designer, etc. etc. etc. Almost everything that had to be taken cared of from the company side was prepared by me.
The only task I didn’t do was be the photographer which I appointed 2 of my colleagues on the spot when I saw that they had brought their DSLR cameras with them.

Since it was for the staff and their families, it wasn’t the usual company party which is usually formal. I had prepared a few video clips, but to make the event more fun and enjoyable (especially for the kids so they wouldn’t become antsy from boredom and beg to go home) I became the game-master again. I was ready with a few prizes which encouraged most of them to participate (including our General Manager!), and when the program ended, adults and kids alike enjoyed following the Just Dance videos on the screen. Here are a few shots of that night.
recognition of the loyal employees
traditional singing and cutting of the cake for the birthday celebrants
employees enjoying a game
kids relay
wives' chopsticks game
some of the men dancing to Jai Ho
girls dancing to Beauty and the Beat
Fortunately, the party was a success (based on the positive feedback, comments, and words of appreciation I got from most of the attendees), so at least the stress and weeks of preparation was worth it.
Of course the delicious food, elegant set-up, attentive hotel staff, alcoholic drinks, and beautiful view overlooking the Creek from the party’s venue at the Plaza Ballroom on the 20th floor of Radisson Blu helped a lot.


One comment that I really appreciated came from the Canadian Project Manager. Knowing that I was practically running the whole event by myself, he said he was really impressed, adding that I should consider hosting parties as a sideline.

You know, hindi sa nagyayabang ako, but I’m really proud of myself. Not because I was able to pull off the party, but because I had the confidence to host an event like that. Years ago, you would have never seen me willingly stand in front of a huge crowd to say a few words (much less carry out an entire program). But that night, I did. Sure it helped my confidence that I knew almost everyone, but still, natutuwa ako sa sarili ko na nakakaya ko. But don’t ask me to give a talk yet in CFC, SFC, YFC, or KFC, though. Di pa kaya ng powers ko yung ganong level =)

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